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Thermowood Support Installation Abot Swm-Wood Photos

Thermally modified wood as
the floor covering

Available pedestal systems with
Thermowood covering

Photos of product and installation

Support Installation

Using Support System at the areas whose insulation layer is set up on the sloping concrete and screed floor covering is installed on it. Hence it resolves the necessity of using some kind of glue in application. Raw material of Support Available pedestals are polypropylene. They can be produced by polycarbonate or polyester which is more durable depending on the project. The system fixes the gradient of the ground between 35-600mm height so that is possible to installate various systems(electricity, lighting etc.).

No water accumulates at the floors and it is not necessary to cover the structures with any kind of material .Avoiding plasters during application enables to making corrections. If there is a problem about water, heat isolation material or any kind of breakdowns (water, electrical, waste water installment shafts etc.) system helps to save time, workmanship and material. For the further information, please visit

Application Details

•  At first our Project Department work on the section details of the project.
•  Secondly the department work out the consumption of Support pedestals, Thermowood, carcass, screws
    and teak oil.
•  Than product manager gives an offer to customer.
•  Finally products are delivered to the area.

Work on the project

•  The Support must be applied in order to avoid the puddle on the Thermowood.
•  To fasten up the carcass, Support EUWF or Support EU should be used.
•  There must be a space for to provide air circulation between Thermowood and the ground. Additionally the
    carcass must be Thermowood and it should be installated in the direction of water flow. There should be
    40cm space at most between two carcass wood. There should be 50cm space under the carcass wood
    between two pedestals. Using Support T (hidden screw apparatus)is suggested in the installation
    of Thermowood covering.
•  During the installation, 5mm space must be left between the Thermowood timbers.

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